5 Reasons to Make Massage Your Monthly Routine


Give Your Monthly Routine a Serious Boost with Massage!

Life keeps happening (until it doesn’t) - and if life won’t give you a break, your self-care routine shouldn’t be stop-and-go, either! That’s why we created our MMG Membership program. We wanted it to be easier for you to make massage an essential part of your self-care routine. For $99/month, you receive one 60-minute wellness massage, plus a 10% discount towards any other massage or service!

We believe in the concept of long-term corrective care - and chronic issues deserve dedicated attention. If you’re not already in the know, we’ve got 5 good reasons why you should join our membership program today!

1. Increased Flexibility/Circulation

Massage’s many benefits include creating “space” through loosening tight fascia (connective tissue), increasing muscle pliability, and improving blood and lymphatic circulation. This in turn helps you to recover faster after rigorous exercise, or to counteract many of the damaging effects that chronic postural imbalance (through constant sitting/standing at work) may have caused. 

2. Stress Relief

Stress and anxiety are two of the greatest culprits behind physical ailment or disease. It can cause your body to react by constricting your posture, muscles, jaw - even your DNA! Prolonged stress can compromise your immune system, plague you with headaches, body aches/pains, and often puts a strain on your heart - depleting you of energy. Regular massage has been known to decrease the symptoms of stress and anxiety in both the short and long term through easing tension all-around!

3. Insomnia

Chronic sleep deprivation can cause an array of unpleasant symptoms, including impaired thinking, slow memory recall, paranoia, drastic changes in mood, and sometimes physical pain. Therapeutic touch activates the hormonal distribution that targets these issues the most - increasing serotonin levels and thereby helping to produce greater melatonin during your sleep cycle.

4. Common Degenerative Diseases

Massage is one of the best ways to relieve nerve pain, soft tissue or joint inflammation for those suffering from Fibromyalgia or any form of arthritis. While these two chronic issues cause sensitivity in the body whenever pressure is applied, massage therapy is a versatile and customizable form of alternative therapy that offers a range of pressures, styles and techniques. A relaxing massage utilizing light-to-medium pressure, gentle passive stretching, and targeted acupressure might be just the thing to relieve your constant discomfort.

5. Set and Forget

Your monthly massage membership is charged automatically each month on the same date, giving you a 30-day window to book your session(s). By scheduling a repeating session in advance, it can be quite easy to integrate regular massage into your regular self-care routine each month. No matter what your needs, we’ll be able to assess and build a customized massage directly addressing your focus each month.

Feel the difference massage can make! Call us at 212-472-4772 to find out more or click here to purchase online.

Kristin Sewell