What’s in a Word – Is There a Difference Between Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?


If you’re looking into what kind of massage you need to best address your pain or discomfort, you probably came across a few different ways to refer to similar treatments. The result can get confusing – and it’s important to know how immediate your need for pain relief is before determining what is right for you. So, what’s in a name – let’s talk about what it means to get a therapeutic massage or bodywork treatment.

Therapeutic Massage
The goal of any type of massage is to leave you feeling relaxed and restored.  There are also ways to make these soothing effects of therapeutic massage last long after you walk out of the treatment room, like these tips

By definition, the goal of any type of bodywork is to promote health. There are many different ways of combining treatments and manipulating the body to do so. With a multi-faceted approach to healing based on your specific problem, this isn’t a one glove-fits-all approach. It’s about understanding and resolving your issues, even if your pain is resulting from an old injury.

The bottom line is, if you’re experiencing joint pain and discomfort, a stiff neck or limbs, or overall tension, the techniques of massage and bodywork can provide relief from pain as an alternative to medicine.

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Kristin Sewell