6 Anxiety-Busting Meal Ideas

We all know that what we eat directly affects how much energy we have (and how tight our pants feel). But if you’re feeling stressed out, did you know that choosing certain types of meals can help you de-stress and feel more in control?

The same goes for certain scents, which are shown to increase your pattern of deep breathing and make you feel more relaxed.


Is chocolate your weakness? This is one indulgence that you should reach for – dark chocolate can reduce stress hormones. Be careful to moderate how much you eat though, as the calorie count can add up quickly.


Maybe there’s more truth to the old adage than previously thought. It’s known that apples can reduce oxidative stress, blood pressure and cholesterol. Now, preliminary research is showing that the smell of green apples can relieve pain from chronic migraines. The next time you’re feeling bogged down with work, you may want to consider taking a whiff (and a bite!) of a granny smith.


Tea is #trending. It’s more than just a fad, however – research shows that an amino acid in caffeinated oolong, green and black teas called theanine can help improve focus.


Craving sugar? Avoid bingeing on foods that will make you feel lethargic and lead to high-stress by taking a sniff of peppermint oil. The minty scent can curb hunger cravings and help you avoid overdoing it this holiday season.


The scent of coconut probably makes you think of sipping a fruity cocktail on a sunny island beach – but it’s not just the thought that counts. Coconut scent can increase alertness and suppress your body’s parasympathetic nervous system – which goes into full gear when you’re feeling stressed. You can also reach for some coconut water to improve circulation and relaxation – just like getting a massage.


The perfect staple to any smoothie, mango can help overcome panic attacks and mood swings. It’s also a great source of energy without any processed sugars.

Kristin Sewell