It’s More Important Than You Think to Add Medical Massage to Your Wellness Journey


We all know it’s important to make wellness a priority. 

Everyone has a different formula to keep them feeling their best physically and mentally, whether it’s managing your diet, hitting the gym regularly, practicing yoga or juicing. But there’s an even easier way to stay on top of your well-being, and it doesn’t involve juicing for 5 days in a row.

What you might not have known is — regular massage therapy isn’t a luxury at all. It’s increasingly recommended as part of standard treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Massage can help treat anxiety, digestive disorders, nerve and joint pain, stress-related insomnia and chronic headaches. 
But can massage even potentially replace standard medical treatments? In some case studies, yes! With increased evidence showing that massage therapy can increase serotonin and dopamine levels, two endorphins that improve mood, it’s quite a reality that massage is like the organic equivalent of a happy pill. 
On top of that, there are the less obvious perks of stress relief (who isn’t feeling stressed out these days?) and a much easier time falling asleep at night. 
Aside from the benefits of massage therapy that the general public can enjoy, the results can be even more effective and targeted for certain types of people. Expectant mothers can reap the benefits of massage with the introduction of custom massage tables that accommodate their growing bellies, allowing them the rare luxury of laying on their stomach and relieving tension from their back and feet. For people with chronic joint or muscle pain, massage therapy is shown to relieve discomfort, beginning from the very first session. 

We live in an age where men are getting pedicures, too. Increasingly, more and more health-conscious and wellness-minded people are turning to massage therapy to take advantage of its many health benefits and pain relief.

Kristin Sewell