A Youth Massage Alleviates Stress and Back to School Jitters

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The Back to School season conjures up many emotions for all involved. Many parents may feel a sense of relief at getting back to routines. Children may be excited to be reunited with old school friends and make use of shiny new school supplies. While a new school year brings much excitement, the transition to new situations such as new schools, teachers, and schoolmates can also bring on anxiety. Many adults use massage as a method to manage stress and anxiety but may not realize it’s also beneficial for children. During preparations for getting ready to go back to school, a Youth Massage should be added to the list to help ease those first day jitters. 

Benefits of a Youth Massage

Massage reduces stress hormone levels in adults as well as children, promoting a sense of calm. In addition to all of the emotions wrapped up with a new school year, standardized tests such as the SHSAT, SAT, and ACT which take place early in the school year can be another point of tension. Massage not only reduces anxiety but has the bonus of improving brain activity for test-taking. According to research, children performed better on an IQ test following a 15-minute massage than they did from reading books. The International Journal of Neuroscience reported that massage improved function in the brain, resulting in increased alertness as well as speed and accuracy during math problems. It’s no replacement for diligent studying, but a rather lovely study technique. 

A Youth Massage Regimen

A Youth Massage is similar to a regular therapeutic massage but customized for a child ages 8 to 17. The techniques applied help relieve tension, relax the body, and create a state of well-being. Before the treatment begins, the therapist consults with both the parent and child to address the issues and learn about health concerns. Frequency of the treatment depends on the needs of the client. For stress relief, weekly or monthly sessions could be best. Many parents who enjoy the benefits of massage also find their children feel the same way about this treatment. 

Anxiety is a normal part of life, even for our children, but luckily, massage is a non-invasive treatment for this condition. Introducing our children to holistic remedies early on can set them up for a lifetime of managing their well-being naturally. 

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*Youth massages offered at Medical Massage Group also include Youth Sports Massage for injury and rehab of sport-related injuries, shortening recovery time between games. 

Kristin Sewell