Deep Tissue Massage for Chronic & Acute Back Pain


Do you suffer from nagging back pain that keeps you up at night, or makes daily activities difficult? Have you experienced sharp or shooting back pain that came on suddenly after an accident or injury?

Deep Tissue Massage may be what you need to relieve the pain. When combined with physical therapy, Deep Tissue Massage is highly beneficial in the treatment of back pain, both Chronic and Acute.

What is Acute Back Pain?

Have you ever experienced back pain that came on suddenly after an accident or injury, was intense for a short while, then resolved? That is called Acute Back Pain. Acute back pain can last a few days to a few weeks and is usually caused by soft tissue damage, like a sprain or strain. Acute back pain can be caused by an injury or accident, like a slip on the ice or lifting a heavy object. Acute pain resolves as the injury heals.

What is Chronic Back Pain?

You may also have experienced nagging back pain that lasts more than three months. It may get worse over time, or reoccur. This is called Chronic Back Pain. Chronic back pain can also be caused by injury and overuse, as well as joint dysfunction, fractures, structural issues, and disease. Chronic pain often becomes progressively worse over time or reoccurs, and continues after the injury is healed. Chronic pain can limit your ability to perform activities of daily living, and also may have an impact on your mental health.

How Can Deep Tissue Massage Help?

Applying Deep Tissue Massage helps to release tension and restore flexibility. Focusing deep pressure into the muscles and connective tissue helps ease pain and Chronic tension caused by injury or overuse. The muscles in your back can become fatigued and full of lactic acid, which can result in stiffness and pain.

Your medical massage therapist will apply treatment to stretch the tight muscles to alleviate tension and restore muscles back to their flexible state. Deep tissue massage will also help aid in your recovery by increasing blood flow to the injured area, speeding up the healing process. Massage can also help with the emotional experience that often coincides with both Acute and Chronic pain.

Massage can be very helpful in reducing anxiety and depression, two common side effects of Chronic pain.

If you are suffering from Chronic or Acute back pain, contact us for an appointment. We will develop a treatment plan to get you back to living a pain-free life!

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Kristin Sewell