How to Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally?


Sometimes life is a pain in the neck, literally.

Seemingly simple, everyday movements can all add up to terrible neck pain. Stress, poor posture, texting, nursing a new baby, and some sleep positions are all culprits. Eventually, something has to change to get relief, and a complete lifestyle change typically is not possible. 

At Medical Massage Group, we treat a lot of neck pain due to a large population of our clients being moms and moms-to-be. So whether it's the side sleeping or postural imbalance during pregnancy, nursing, and care after the baby is born, it's a general complaint. Most recently, we are seeing an increase in neck pain complaints from all of our clients due to stress, computer use, and texting. There's a condition called "text neck" which results from the neck being in extension for prolonged periods looking down at a phone.

When clients come in with complaints of neck pain, we determine the cause based on information we gather from the client and from what we can assess posturally. The most prevalent conditions are poor posture, “text neck,” and cervical disc herniation. Other times clients come referred from orthopedists, neurologists, and ob/gyns to address tight muscles, neck strain and pain, and pinched nerves. 

Our treatment for neck pain is tailored to each client's needs.  Treatment options vary from a Therapeutic Massage which involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate general neck soreness or stiffness to a Medical Massage for more complicated issues involving an evaluation by the medical massage therapist with specific outcomes being the basis for treatment. When it comes to topical pain relievers to reduce pain and inflammation, we get positive results from MMG’s in-house Rescue Oil and CBD Daily Intensive cream.

The results of these treatments are reduced neck pain, increased ROM (range of motion), and mobility. In cases when there is excruciating pain, spasms, tingling, referral pain, and no relief after treatment, we do suggest they see their doctor. 

Thus, lifestyle changes, such as better posture while sleeping or using a smartphone, can prevent some of the causes of neck pain, but until habits are broken, stretching, and massage are effective natural solutions. 

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Kristin Sewell