Do you have to drink water after a massage?


Have you ever wondered why your massage therapist offers you a glass of water after a massage or tells you to drink a lot of water today? Your therapist did not offer it because you might be parched, or to flush out toxins, but rather, as an extension of the massage. Drinking water after a massage further benefits all the work that happened during the massage by hydrating your muscles

The Lactic Acid Myth

Lactic acid is fuel for the body, not a toxin. When our oxygen supply drops, as it does during strenuous exercise, our body converts glycogen to lactic acid and uses that as an energy source. Lactic acid doesn’t cause muscles to fatigue during exercise. It actually delays the onset of muscle fatigue which prevents you from hurting as badly as you otherwise would. When you stop exercising, your liver converts any leftover lactic acid back to glycogen.

So, unless your liver or kidneys are not functioning as they should, there are no toxins to flush from your muscles.

What does water do for your body?

If you know anything, you know you are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. When you are sick, you should drink more. When you are active you should drink more. Consuming the recommended amount of water is hydrating and optimum function of your bodily systems happens when you are fully hydrated.

Why drink water after a massage?

Most likely you opted for a massage either because you felt sore and tense or it is part of your wellness regime. So, why stop there. The advice of your therapist to consume more water is to assist you in the most favorable outcome for your bodily wellbeing, and water helps reduce muscle soreness after a massage.

Thus, you do not NEED to drink water after a massage, especially not to flush out any lactic acid, but rather to make sure your muscles are fully hydrated because they perform and feel best when they are.

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Kristin Sewell