Massage Therapy for Hypothyroid Symptoms


Are you one of an estimated 10 million Americans who suffer from some form of Hypothyroid disorder? If you are, did you know that you might benefit from massage as a complementary therapy?

What is Hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism is any condition in which thyroid hormone levels are lower than normal resulting in the body’s inability to convert fuel into energy. It can cause severe fatigue, changes in weight, muscle weakness, hair loss, dry skin, intolerance to cold, and even depression and changes in memory and cognitive abilities. These symptoms typically start off slowly and get progressively worse over time.

How can Massage Therapy help?

Improved Circulation: 
Massage helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation which can be beneficial to thyroid function.

Aids in Digestion: 
Hypothyroidism can cause the digestive tract to get a bit “sluggish” Abdominal massage can assist the body in eliminating gas, painful bloating, speed up peristalsis, and relieve constipation.

Decreased Fatigue: 
Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of Hypothyroid disorders. Massage strokes like Pettrisage (deep kneading, rolling, squeezing of the muscles) can increase muscle tone, aid in deep muscle relaxation, and improve oxygenation, which can help you feel less muscle fatigue.

Reduced Anxiety & Depression: 
Massage is incredibly beneficial for those dealing with anxiety and depression. Massage helps to lower Cortisol levels while also increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are both neurotransmitters that help stabilize your mood. Reduced stress may also help you maintain a healthy weight, as stress is often a contributing factor to weight gain.

It is important to remember that massage does not cure thyroid disorders, but it is still very useful in the treatment of hypothyroid symptoms. Always check with your doctor before making any changes in your treatment plan, and make sure that your massage therapist understands Hypothyroid Disorders and the symptoms that you are experiencing. It is also important to let your massage therapist know what medications you are currently taking.

If you are feeling the effects of hypothyroidism and are chronically drained and fatigued, schedule an appointment today and learn how massage, when used in conjunction with conventional treatment, may help improve your quality of life!

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Kristin Sewell