3 Immune Boosting New Year Resolutions that Feel Really Good


A new year is on the horizon, and again, it’s time to do some soul searching resolving to be the best possible you. Yes, resolutions are hard to keep which is why many of us avoid them all together. But what if you made a resolution for self care that involved pampering? What if that pampering actually boost your immune system thus, making you healthy and happy. Being healthy and happy is quite possible the best resolution one could hope for.

There are many routes you can take to boost your immune system, from good hygiene to healthy eating, but when boosting your immune system is a side effect of getting pampered, this is a no brainer. Regular massage, yoga, and aromatherapy all feel indulgent while keeping you healthy.

The Immune Boosting Benefits of Massage

With stress being one of the prominent causes for illness, it is obvious how a relaxing massage can benefit the immune system.  In fact, it has also been found that after one Swedish massage session white blood cell production is significantly increased, which is instrumental to combating illness. Research also shows that repeated massage offers aggregated health benefits.

Opt for a massage membership that is not only economically advantageous, but a monthly reminder to practice your self care.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

The immune system is compromised by stress hormones. Yoga lowers stress hormones as well as stimulates the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins. Yoga postures such as inversions and twists bring fresh supplies of oxygenated blood to various organs for optimal function.

When practiced consistently, it becomes the perfect counterpart to massage – strengthening muscles while enhancing their pliability, increasing overall flexibility, releasing stored tension, and easing restriction of the fascia.

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The Immune Support from Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the most natural ways to support and enhance immunity. There are essential oils known to change brain waves to a relaxed state, soothe the nervous system and enhance the respiratory system. They protect while they soothe which is what makes aromatherapy so enjoyable.

Aromatherapy in the form of essential oils can be applied topically, diffused into the air, or ingested, if food grade. Used during massage, relaxation is heightened for further stress relief.  

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Kristin Sewell