Could massage alleviate winter skin?


All seasons have pros and cons. Winter comes with a healthy list of pros for those who like winter sports and getting cozy, aka hygge. Yet all that fun in the cold outdoors and cuddling in the dry indoors often results in a common affliction known as winter skin. Dry, chapped skin won’t kill you, but it can be uncomfortable and even unsightly if not cared for. Moisturizing and retaining that moisture are key to caring for winter skin, but a lesser known remedy, massage, is incredibly nourishing.

Moisturizing the skin with lotions, creams, oils and balms brings instant relief to chapped skin. They also help to form a protective layer against the elements before the chapping even begins. With literally thousands of products to choose from there is no one perfect moisturizer as there are many personal preferences to factor in from lifestyle to budget. Though, opting for products as close to natural as possible are better for absorption and have less long term side effects.

The team at Medical Massage Group uses a remarkably moisturizing cream during massages as opposed to oil which can leave a greasy feeling after the massage. The cream is composed of organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter rich in vitamins A, which encourages healthy skin cell production, E, which helps to keep your skin's protective barrier intact and F, which is great for nourishing and plumping the skin. Combined with organic chamomile botanicals, it provides skin nourishment along with soothing and healing properties. Organic Sunflower and Sesame Oils give added skincare benefits and deep hydration.

The benefits of the physical massage itself, on winter skin, works from the inside out as it ramps up circulation. Oxygen is vital to all of our bodily functions and organs, which includes the skin.  “The cold weather makes our blood capillaries contract: this means that any exposed skin becomes paler because less blood reaches it. Massage can help bring a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the skin and nourish it.” says Elinor Johnston, LMT.

This season, after a weekend of winter sport and lazing fireside, a massage could do much more than alleviate sore muscles. It could make you glow again.

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Kristin Sewell