Prenatal Massage Through All Trimesters


Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift however, it can also take a toll on your body.

During pregnancy, your body goes through a multitude of changes; both physical and emotional. Mom is often so focused on meeting her growing baby's needs, that she forgets about her own. Prenatal Massage can be a valuable piece of your prenatal care. Prenatal massage focuses on the specific needs of the pregnant woman and can help make you more comfortable. 

Whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester, every mom-to-be can use a little pampering.

First Trimester:

Many women believe that massage during the first trimester is unsafe. While it is always important to get your doctor's OK to receive massage during your first trimester, if you work with a qualified, licensed massage therapist, first- trimester massage is safe and effective. 

Many expectant mothers experience a mix of emotions during pregnancy. You may feel excited and filled with joy, but also overwhelmed and anxious. Much of this stress can be greatly reduced through massage therapy.

The first trimester is also when many expectant moms feel morning sickness, constipation, headaches, and general aches and pains that come with the physical changes in their body. Massage can help alleviate these issues, and make mom-to-be much more comfortable.

Second Trimester:

At this point, the morning sickness is typically gone or improving, and most moms to be are starting to feel pretty good. Baby is growing and mom is glowing!

With the growth of the baby and mom's belly, comes changes in posture which can result in back, shoulder, hip, and leg pain. Your massage therapist can target areas of discomfort helping to ease pain and get your body back into proper alignment.

Third Trimester:

You've reached the home stretch! Baby will be arriving soon, and you have a lot to do to prepare, but don't forget to take some time to care for yourself!

Massage during the third trimester is an effective way to reduce any swelling and pain that you are experiencing. This includes back, neck, shoulder, leg, and sciatic pain. Massage in the third trimester can also help alleviate stress and help you get a better night's sleep.

Many pregnant women wonder about positioning during the massage. How will you lie on the table, and will it be comfortable? At Medical Massage Group, we have a specialized, custom-designed treatment table, with a cut-out to accommodate your belly, and sling for gentle support. This allows your therapist access to all areas that need attention while ensuring your comfort and support of your belly. Imagine laying on your stomach again? You may even forget that you're pregnant!

No matter what trimester you are in, prenatal massage offers many benefits and is a wonderful way to focus on your health and well-being during pregnancy.

At MMG we specialize in prenatal, postnatal, and medical massage. If you are looking for a qualified prenatal massage therapist, we would love for you to book a therapeutic massage with us today! 

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Kristin Sewell