Reflexology vs. Foot Massage


Reflexology is thought of as a foot massage but it is SO much better!! Think about your entire body being worked on while lying down, comfortably clothed, listening to soothing music and going into a deep state of relaxation. Reflexology is the use of pressure on specific points on the feet, using thumb and finger techniques, with each point corresponding to organs, glands, and the interconnected energy systems of the human body. Your feet are a mini-map of your entire body! Reflexology empowers your whole being—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—to rejuvenate, strengthen and facilitate better health.

Benefits of Reflexology

• Reduces stress and alleviates pain
• Increases energy & productivity
• Assists with inducing labor and eases pain during labor
• Improves sense of well being

• Provides profound relaxation
• Assists with relief of headaches/migraines
• Assists with relief of constipation/digestive issues
• Delivers relief from chronic issues


The Ancient Art of Reflexology

Reflexology dates back at least 5,000 years to Egyptian and Oriental cultures. Similar to Acupuncture, with the use of specific points, Reflexology concentrates on the feet and can also be performed on the hands and ears.

By targeting a certain area or point, Reflexology speeds relief to the corresponding part of the body. A Reflexologist can work on different parts of the feet to facilitate healing for individual conditions, however, it is desirable to work on all areas to put the entire body into balance.


Reflexology and pain management During Labor

A pregnant woman has gone into labor. Although some of the pain she experiences can be treated with modern pharmaceuticals, she still suffers from pain and discomfort in her lower back and neck. In order to help relieve her neck/back pain, Reflexology is performed on her feet, a very non-invasive treatment to an internal problem. This allows her to focus on the miracle of childbirth!

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Kristin Sewell