When to Book a Sports Massage


We are dedicated to creating the ultimate customized massage experience for our athletes, weekend warriors and runners alike through Sports Massage - employing techniques like myofascial release, compression, heat therapy and trigger point work. If you are experiencing discomfort or are not sure when the best time to book your Sports Massage session may be, consider the following:

When Your Injury Is Acute

An acute injury is classified as a strain, cramp or deeper injury that has occurred within the past 3 or so days. During this time the affected muscle can be painful and restrictive - limiting mobility and causing discomfort when standing, sitting or sleeping.

While it may seem like a massage would be the best thing to offer immediate relief, an acute injury is usually still "in spasm" - meaning the muscles have not relaxed enough for us to truly address the underlying issue. In this case, our primary focus will be to help alleviate pain by creating space in the surrounding tissue and cooling the area, which may help speed up recovery time while avoiding further damage. After the 3-day acute phase passes, we should be able to offer deeper, more comprehensive work to help eliminate the issue.

When Your Issue is Chronic

Chronic muscle stiffness often reoccurs in the same area time and again - restricting  the muscle and surrounding fascia, and forcing the rest of your muscles to compensate for the irregularity - which may cause further issues with your posture and aid in the formation of uncomfortable trigger points. A one-off massage can do a lot to help alleviate the problem, but long-term corrective care is needed keep it at bay and, ultimately, to solve it for good.

Best Time to Book When Working Out

Any amount of strain causing the muscle to break down and then reform is considered "damage" to the body. While pursuing our goals or focusing on our general health through exercise, we can easily forget that our bodies need a certain amount of rest for recovery between workouts. 

Sports massage helps speed up that recovery time, helping you to retain more from your workout than you would without it. Try booking a massage shortly after your most strenuous "gym sesh" to help enhance endurance, recover muscle pliability, and increase gains.

Massage Works Best for Runners When...

Runners go through some of the most intense training before a marathon, and are quite prone to injury. Booking a Sports Massage 1-2 x's per week during a rigorous training period could really help to reduce muscle strain as well as prevent injury, facilitate a faster recovery time and get you to peak performance.


You worked hard to prepare for your run - stressing your body through the most intense workouts and training routines. Finally, the day has come - and gone - you crossed the finish line! Congratulations! Now it's time to cool down, unwind those taut muscles and begin restoring your body with a post-event Sports Massage!

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