Bettina Compass



Bettina’s career began after the birth of her twin daughters Josie and Tina back in 2008. It was through her dedicated care and intuitive, nurturing massage that she was able to eventually reverse her daughter Josie’s Torticollis diagnosis, and that her daughter Tina is able to enjoy life with ease the way any child should, regardless of her lifelong challenges with Pulmonary Stenosis. After graduating from the Swedish Institute in 2015, she has taken that same nurturing care and honed it into a practiced, attentive style of massage that works wonders for her Prenatal, Medical and Sports Massage clients. It is her goal to help those on her table melt away the stresses of daily life, often employing a full-body rebalancing technique that focuses on the places where we often hold the most tension - our feet, calves and hips. She is excited to bring her expertise to MMG!


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Bettina offers the following services:

Deep Tissue