Dry Cupping


We all became familiar with cupping during the 2016 Summer Olympics when Michael Phelps was seen with red/purple circles on his torso but Dry Cupping has been around for thousands of years. An ancient treatment modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, used to address a myriad of health concerns. Dry Cupping therapy is a safe and effective modality that involves utilizing round cups placed on various acupuncture points and/or trigger points of the body for myofascial "suction release." It is a non-invasive yet very effective technique that enhances lymphatic flow, promotes blood circulation, and opens up blocked pathways that often trigger an inflammatory response within the body.

Dry Cupping can be used for; sports injuries, lymphatic impairment, pain management, digestive disorders, hormonal balance, "frozen shoulder", wellness detoxification, and auto-immune disorders.

*There are very few associated risks or side effects to cupping therapy aside from minor discoloration or temporary bruising of the applied site.


Dry Cupping will be applied during your massage appointment. Each session at MMG is personalized for each client. The amount of cupping received during the session will vary per your needs.

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