Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)


What is the lymphatic system?
This vital system is responsible for removing excess fluid and toxins from your body’s tissue through a network of fine vessels and ducts. Our lymphatic system can become blocked or compromised due to hormonal or environmental imbalances, or as the result of surgery. This can result in fluid retention and bloating, swollen ankles/feet, changes in your skin (acne, wrinkles, puffy eyes), and the build-up of scar tissue. Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD, can help you remove toxins and heal from swelling after surgery.

How Can Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Help?
While a regular massage can stimulate circulation, MLD is a much more advanced modality. Lymphatic drainage requires additional training and practice. Considering that there may be swelling after surgery, your therapist will use very gentle, rhythmic movements to guide excess fluid toward the nearest group of lymph nodes to be filtered and released. Clearing these blockages through MLD can minimize scar tissue after surgery, alleviate fluid retention and restore your lymphatic system to its optimal function. Lymphedema treatment can also assist in the decreasing of swelling after surgery.

Is MLD Recommended before or after Surgery? What about Post Mastectomy Massage?
Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body recover after surgery, so it’s important to care for it before and after the procedure, even in the case of mastectomies. We recommend one MLD treatment prior to surgery, which will prepare your system for the upcoming challenges. Follow up sessions will then aid in your recovery by mobilizing the accumulation of fluids and reducing swelling after surgery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage also aids in minimizing scar tissue after surgery.

Do Therapists Need Special Training to Perform Lymphatic Drainage?
Absolutely! Finding a properly certified MLD therapist is important, since this technique requires an extensive level of study beyond what is covered in traditional massage therapy programs. Our MLD therapists are certified through a rigorous, exclusive training that equips them to treat even the most complicated pre- and post-surgical cases.

Lymphedema Treatment & Post Mastectomy Massage
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MLD Offerings

Wellness MLD – Full Spectrum MLD Detox

A full-body detoxification treatment, appropriate for those looking for overall rejuvenation, reducing inflammation around the joints, etc.

Wellness MLD – Targeted MLD Detox

A shorter treatment focused on a specific concern or ailment (sinus infection, seasonal allergies, etc)

Prenatal MLD

An alternative to traditional massage for expecting women, ideal for those suffering from swollen feet/ankles or water retention.

Surgical MLD

Pre and post-surgical MLD is available only with a prescription from a doctor. Although we generally recommend a multi-session package, individual sessions are available*. A 30-minute consultation is available for a $50 fee, which will be applied towards your first scheduled full session.

MLD At-Home Services

When you can’t make it to our office, we can come to you. Call 212-472-4772 for more information and pricing.