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Here's what top parenting blog Mommy Poppins had to say about us in their great articlerounding up NYC's best prenatal massage. 

The Medical Massage Group — Upper East Side
One of our editors raves about the massages here, calling it "one of the best prenatal massages" she's ever received, though the setting feels less salon, more doctor's office. The certified massage therapists use a custom-designed treatment table with a hole in it (rather than pillows) that accommodates your belly, while an adjustable sling provides flexible and gentle support. For many pregnant women, it's an amazing relief to be able to lie face down after sleeping on your side for months, even if it's just for an hour.


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When it comes to indulgences, I’ll happily take ice cream, wine, a good facial, or a night out alone with my husband. But there’s one thing I’d ditch all the above for, and that’s a quality, professional, relaxing massage.

Throughout my pregnancy, the one thing that has helped to ease my lower back pain, complete exhaustion, and occasional stress, is a great prenatal massage at my favorite spot in NYC,Medical Massage Group. For over 24 years, Medical Massage Group has been treating pregnant women as well as their family members and friends by providing therapeutic massage to over 150 clients per week.

Their custom-designed massage table was created just for pregnant women with a hole in the table to accommodate your growing tummy. Which means none of that lying on your side while hugging 4 pillows nonsense, which isn’t exactly a comfortable position for being massaged! Their certified prenatal therapists work on releasing tension in your muscles and improving your overall health. Every time I walk out of Medical Massage Group I feel a revived sense of well being, increased flexibility, and recovered energy. I’ve been worked on by many of their qualified therapists and have always been beyond satisfied with my massage.

Medical Massage Group also offers postnatal massage for the important time after giving birth. Caring for a newborn baby is wonderful but also physically and emotionally demanding; a postnatal massage offers stress release, eliminates toxins, and helps increase circulation in your body, which has just gone through the taxing job of birthing a baby. And fear not those who aren’t pregnant, because Medical Massage offers general massage therapy at well. Massage can heal everything from back pain to sleep disorders to anxiety and depression. It’s truly a win-win.

At just $140 for a 60-minute prenatal massage and $130 for a wellness massage, their pricing is competitive with if not lower than many spas offering massage in New York City. Medical Massage also offers at-home-services for those days when you just can’t seem to get out of the house! I can’t think of a better holiday gift to yourself or someone else than a trip to Medical Massage.

For the best prenatal, postnatal, or wellness massage in NYC, head over to Medical Massage Group’s online booking system here or call them at 212-472-4772. Book before March 31st, 2016, using code MAMALOVE15 and receive 15% off of any massage! I’ve already requested one of their fantastic packages as a holiday gift and can’t wait to put this gift to use!

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Best Prenatal Massages in NYC: 7 of the best local spots for pregnancy pampering.

Moms, it’s time to relax. You’ve earned it! While watching your belly expand before your eyes, odds are that your shoulders are tight and tense, your lower back is aching or those poor feet are begging for some love (hopefully not all of the above!). Enter the prenatal massage and the greatest city to get one in: NYC! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots around town to lie back and be pampered for an hour or two.

Medical Massage Group | Ranked as one of the best prenatal massages by New York Magazine, Medical Massage is a must for any pregnant mommas in or near the Upper East Side. Ask for Molly if you’re hoping for a deep, intense stretch and be sure to look into their early bird discounted pricing if you’re able to schedule in the AM.


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Best Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage
New moms and moms-to-be know that a massage has a dreamy appeal: the chance to make your body feel good again. To accommodate gravid tummies, Medical Massage Group has special tables built with a stretchy sling that supports the belly. The group’s therapists are trained to erase particular discomforts like lower-back pain, sciatica, and neck and shoulder tightness with their hybrid of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques. Just as important, they also know what not to do: potentially irritating oils and fragrant creams are verboten. Certain labor-inducing acupressure points are also strictly avoided. All that, and these people just plain know how to rub a person right. 


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How to Get a Tax-Free Massage
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are strange little piggy banks. At the beginning of the year, you set aside a certain amount of pre-tax money from your paycheck to use for medical expenses. Flex-spending dollars cover medical meat and potatoes, like co-pays and some services an insurance company won’t. If your piggy bank isn’t empty by the year’s end, you lose it. So November and December produce an FSA-scramble with people racing to buy prescription eyeglasses and stock up on contact lens solution.

Few people know that FSA money, in addition to Motrin, can be used to pay for massage. In fact, many holistic treatments, including acupuncture, hypnosis, and nutritional counseling, qualify as long as you file the proper paperwork. W+G applauds the mainstreaming of these holistic treatments. (After all, most people seek out a massage for stress before an MD.) Here’s how to take advantage of this benefit.

1. Get a doctor’s note. Most plans require it. While my plan wouldn’t reimburse me for “relaxation” massage, it does reimburse for therapeutic massage. Who doesn’t have an old sports injury, lower back pain, or tight shoulders from hunching over a desk?
2. Submit a doctor’s note to your FSA provider along with receipts for therapeutic massage. I suggest seeing a practitioner who is familiar with how Flexible Spending Accounts work and is accustomed to providing the appropriate documentation.

Medical Massage Group specializes in massage for pregnant women and anyone suffering back, neck, or shoulder pain. They’ve been at it for 20 years, and can provide receipts detailing the issues your massage addressed.



Pregnancy Massage
Back aches and muscle strains. . . you can get them from lifting weights, or from being pregnant. Now a growing number of massage therapists are specializing in prenatal care and that spells relief for tired moms-to-be.

Mary Manard is nearly seven months pregnant, but she has no qualms about lying on her stomach for an hour. That's because she's getting a special pregnancy massage! "Sciatic pain is a big pain that a lot of women have because of the shifting position of the pelvis during pregnancy, excruciating pain, and we've helped resolve that," Elinor Johnston of Medical Massage Group said. When it comes to prenatal massage it's important that the therapist is licensed in prenatal massage. "You wanna make sure that they have prenatal certification," Johnston said. "That they are familiar with working with pregnant clients." "A special table is used during the treatment. It has a hole cut out that encompasses the breast and the tummy area, and there's a sling, and adjustable sling that sits over the hole and supports the woman, supports a woman while she's on her belly. It's very safe and it's very comfortable," Johnston said. Therapists focus on the mid and lower back and near the sciatic nerve. Women also complain of muscle strain in the neck. Johnston said massage helped her during her pregnancy. "Massage really alleviated the discomforts that I was having and left me with a feeling of well being and higher energy levels. I was sleeping better," Johnston said.



Medicinal Massage
Step inside this tiny treasure allowing the aromas to immediately relax you, the earth tones and custom art to soothe you and then get excited all over again because this massage mecca is one of the rare gems where the expecting mama can lie on her tummy for her prenatal massage. The Medical Massage Group specializes in the treatment of pregnant women and you will fall head over heels for their custom-designed treatment table created just for you with a hole in the table to accommodate your tummy (and outfitted with gentle supports, of course). Plus, know you are in good hands. Owner Donna “gave birth” to the Medical Massage Group over twenty years ago after suffering from persistent pain during her pregnancy and not finding any professional to treat her pains. Thanks, Donna for solving our problems.

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City Baby

Prenatal Massage
Medical Massage Group, our personal favorite, is wonderful, and they have created a warm and peaceful environment... with a unique massage table that allows even a woman in her ninth month to lie comfortably on her stomach. It is no wonder that pregnant women make up seventy percent of their practice